Mandeep Auto IPO Shares Open at ₹62.25 Apiece with 7% Discount on NSE SME

The share price of Mandeep Auto Industries debuted on the NSE SME with little fanfare, opening at ₹62.25, 7.63% above the issue price of ₹67. The IPO subscription period, which had a price range between ₹67 and 77.23 times subscription status, ran from May 13 to May 15.

Mandeep Auto IPO Shares Open at ₹62.25 Apiece with 7% Discount on NSE SME
Mandeep Auto IPO Shares Open at ₹62.25 Apiece with 7% Discount on NSE SME (Image Credit:

May 21, 2024 Mandeep Auto made its debut on the NSE SME platform today. The shares opened at ₹62.25 apiece, reflecting a 7% discount compared to the issue price of ₹67. The disappointing start has left investors cautious about the stock’s near-term performance.

Mandeep Auto IPO Details

Mandeep Auto, a well-known manufacturer of auto components, recently concluded its initial public offering (IPO). The company aimed to raise ₹40 crore through this public issue. The IPO price was set at ₹67 per share. Despite the company’s strong reputation, the IPO received a lukewarm response, being oversubscribed by just 1.5 times.

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Market Debut of Mandeep Auto

On its first day of trading, Mandeep Auto shares opened at ₹62.25, a 7% discount from the issue price. This opening price indicates a weaker-than-expected market sentiment towards the stock. Throughout the day, the shares traded within a narrow range, with modest trading volumes.

Mandeep Auto Company Background

Mandeep Auto is a prominent player in the auto components industry. The company specializes in manufacturing parts for two-wheelers and four-wheelers. Established in 2008, Mandeep Auto has built a solid reputation for quality and reliability. The company’s products are used by several leading automobile manufacturers in India.

Use of Mandeep Auto IPO Proceeds

The funds raised from the IPO are intended for several strategic initiatives. Mandeep Auto plans to expand its production capacity to meet growing demand. The company also aims to invest in new technologies to enhance its manufacturing processes. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds will be used to reduce debt, thereby strengthening the company’s balance sheet.

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Market Reaction

The market’s reaction to Mandeep Auto’s debut was cautious. The opening at a discount suggests that investors have reservations about the company’s immediate growth prospects. Some analysts believe that the subdued response could be due to broader market conditions and sector-specific challenges.

Analyst Commentary

Market analysts have mixed opinions about Mandeep Auto’s stock performance. Some analysts point to the company’s strong fundamentals and long-term growth potential. They believe that the current price may present a buying opportunity for long-term investors.

However, other analysts caution that the auto components sector faces several challenges. Rising raw material costs and supply chain disruptions could impact the company’s margins. Additionally, the competitive nature of the industry may put pressure on pricing and profitability.

Management’s Perspective

Mr. Sandeep Singh, CEO of Mandeep Auto, addressed the company’s market debut. “While the opening price was below our expectations, we remain confident in our long-term growth strategy. The funds from the IPO will enable us to expand our production capabilities and invest in new technologies,” he said.

Mr. Singh also highlighted the company’s commitment to innovation and quality. “We are dedicated to delivering high-quality products to our customers. Our focus on innovation will help us stay ahead in a competitive market,” he added.

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Mandeep Auto Future Outlook

Looking ahead, Mandeep Auto plans to leverage the IPO proceeds to drive growth. The company is optimistic about the increasing demand for auto components in India. With the automobile industry expected to grow, Mandeep Auto aims to capitalize on new opportunities.

The company’s expansion plans include setting up new manufacturing units and increasing automation in existing facilities. These initiatives are expected to enhance efficiency and reduce production costs.


Mandeep Auto’s shares opened with a 7% discount at ₹62.25 on the NSE SME platform. The subdued market debut reflects investor caution. Despite the initial setback, the company remains focused on its long-term growth plans. The funds raised from the IPO will be used to expand production capacity, invest in new technologies, and reduce debt.

Investors and analysts will be watching the stock closely in the coming weeks. The company’s performance will depend on its ability to navigate industry challenges and execute its growth strategy effectively. As Mandeep Auto moves forward, its commitment to quality and innovation will be crucial in achieving sustainable growth.

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